Mike Fischer helped me get through a very tough time. I was lost and didn't know what to do or how to do it. He explained all the steps to divorce and made sure I understood. I always thought that men never got custody of the children he believed in me and said he could do it. In the end I had custody and she was paying child support. Thank you so much Mr. Fischer I will recommend you to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer.

— Mark Allan

I've worked with Fisher and Van Thiel since 2015. They helped me with my divorce, l and custody. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with this company. Very professional and yet personabal at the same time. I was represented by Mike Fisher. I would not choose another lawyer to handle my sensitive issues. He helped walk me thru the process, calmed my nerves and was by my side % of the time. Thank you so much so being there for me!

— Golden Trevor

The Fischer & Van Thiel Firm is a great firm. They're very dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced. I definitely recommend them.

— Elizabeth Guillen

This office is real good, thanks for everything.

— Patti Alfaro

Friendly and knowledgeable — I highly recommend them!

— Allison O'Day

Fischer & Van Thiel is a very knowledgeable office and great to work with!

— Chelsey Guay

I have had Michael Fischer as my lawyer for 5 years due to the fact my ex takes me to court once a year and I wouldn't use anyone else. Each time I've gone into court Michael has been at the top of his game and I have always received more than I expected.

Michael has always been very thorough and has helped me through some pretty rough times. He always made me feel like he cared about my case and always fought for everything that I wanted. Michael made sure I was prepared for court or mediation and calmed my nerves before court with his ability to make you feel relaxed.

I promptly received phone calls back if he was in court or with another client.

He was always very professional and knowledgeable. I even have recommended his law firm to my brother, who now uses Michael as well.

— Jessica Gatien

When I finally made the decision to go back to court to fight for custody of my daughter, I was directed to Fischer & Van Thiel LLP. I was warmly greeted when I got there and when we sat down to discuss my options, Mr. Fischer and Ms. Fox were both very knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining to me exactly what my options were and what I could possibly expect from going to court for custody. During the time that they represented me, whenever I needed anything or had any questions, they were there for me. I am very grateful to them and their help through this time. I found them to be very helpful with everything. They walked me through the things that I needed to know for both mediation and all of our court appearances and were more than willing to fight for what I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone who is currently going through what I just went through.

— Kris Charlton

I recently needed assistance with divorce proceedings. I contacted Michael Fisher and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and warm personality. He explained all the do's and don'ts regarding the proceedings but did not pressure me to retain him. He answered all of my questions and explained any possible consequences of my proposed actions, including many about which I was totally unaware. After looking at a few other options, I decided that his firm was my best option. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. He and his staff were very efficient, knowledgeable, and above all, respectful. In addition to Mr. Fisher, I felt that Ann, Linda and Ashley were especially helpful. The whole process took, in my mind, a very short time. I would not hesitate to retain the firm for other legal matters in the future. I would highly recommend the firm!

— Len Rawlins

Hello to all of you!

I had a wonderful experience with Fischer & Van Thiel. I was a bit nervous and confused about the entire experience and once they took over my case it was smooth sailing. I found them all to be quite attentive and caring during the entire process.

I was able to contact them whenever a question or problem came up and they responded to me that same day either by phone or email.

I would strongly urge you to contact them if you are in the middle of a divorce or just need some questions answered. They are experienced, helpful and were very patient with my multiple questions.

— Bev Karsting

I went through a few paid consultations prior to contracting with Fischer and Van Thiel LLP. What impressed me the most and found less frustrating is that Mr. Van Thiel listened to my spiel from the beginning to end without interrupting me or asking immediate questions. I found this plight quite refreshing... Got everything off my chest and then Mr. Van Thiel had my focus and proceeded with his questioning. With a clearer mind after my venting episode we were able to collaborate by phone and schedule an appointment. Mr. Van Thiel was upfront with any expectations and retainer fees before ending our phone conversation. This enabled me to avoid paying another consultation fee and leave with discouragement and disappointment but furthermore to think it over. Mr. Van Thiel's honesty and virtue during our telephone conversation the idea of developing a professional counsel/client relationship left me feeling reassured. I experienced several hardships during this period and I truly appreciate Mr. Van Thiel's expertise, consideration, and collaboration in representing me in my legal matters. I apologize for the lengthy review but I have absolutely zero complaints with this law firm and would recommend this firm to everyone. Two Thumbs Up!

— Melanie Branche

I contacted Fischer & Van Thiel when I needed a divorce attorney. I met with Attorney Fox, she was just what I needed to guide me thru the difficult times! Of course what should have been a routine divorce, quickly was not. Attorney Fox did the leg work to dig into the issues and kept my retired sheriff husband from taking me to the cleaners!!! After 18 years of marriage, I walked away with my 1/2 of everything thanks to Attorney Fox!

— Michelle Giddings

I went to Mr. Fischer in 2008. I'm in the military, and he understood my circumstances I was facing and where I had been. He was fair on his price if not better than most in the county. I had been to several other family attorneys since 2004 ($$) and my pocket was virtually empty. In my case I was/AM STILL dealing with an "X" that believes (rules/laws don't apply because She's the bio parent) Mr. Fischer understood the dynamics what I went through. His guidance has helped me over come issues that could've cost me negative rulings/more money over time. He was up front with me in explaining steps and predicting reasonable out comes. I learned Family Court in my research and experience, is NEVER a guarantee however Mr. Fischer knew the best options to take to produce the best possible results at the time. I enjoy my time share its very good now. A shout out to Ms. Fox, she's on the ball too!

— Aaron Cross

"Woohoo! As good as it gets!" I was working with another attorney for 14 months to get to move to FL with my kids after my divorce and kept being denied by the court. After I changed my attorney to Mr. Fischer he had me in front of the judge and a trial date within 4 months and I just had the trial and am on my way to Florida with my two children!

— Amanda Barnes

Mike Fischer did a great job negotiating a settlement with an opposing counsel that was unreasonably horrible. He can calm violent matters!

— Cecile Thompson

I was very happy with Mr. Fischer and his team! They helped me in a time of crisis and made sure the outcome was in my favor. Thank you so much!

— Thomas Zachary

Thank you Mr. Fischer!!! I would and have recommended this Michael Fischer to friends. I had a very difficult divorce/child custody. He and his office were very thorough and I always knew where the case was and what I needed to do. Mr. Fischer was always available to speak with me even with some of the roughest times of my life. He took care of my son and I very well and was always professional but also compassionate as well.

— Elizabeth Mila

I was dealt with a man for over 2 years who was only concerned with breaking me and reducing his support payments for his children, Mr. Fischer helped me to stop his constant harassment and to find income that he had attempted to hide which actually increased the support due to me each month.

— David Sebastian

My wife and I started our divorce over two years ago, and I was at a standstill with my wife and my attorney at the time had no plan. I had to make a decision to hire a new attorney and decided on Mike Fischer he came highly recommended and he was able to expedite things farther than my first attorney in less than 2 months.

— Gabriel Dylan

I wanted to take a moment and thank Mike Fischer my divorce attorney for all that he did for me. He made a very difficult time much easier. We ended up using divorce mediation instead of going at each other in court and we are happy we did! It was much more civil and our focus was on our children. Thank you for everything you have done and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is considering divorce.

— Kaylee Victoria

Going through my custody battle was very emotionally trying. I was lucky to have chosen Fischer & Van Thiel to help me protect the most valuable asset of my life...my children. At the initial interview I was informed that the children and their safety were a primary concern of the firm. While I like this, I was concerned when they said you had to trust your attorney because there were times when they may have to give you advice that is not what you want to hear. As we progressed through the process I came to understand what they were referring to as there were many times when it became apparent that they knew the law and how the judge would respond. They were very good at telling me, even before the hearing, how the ruling was going to go and what to expect. I am thankful for the help I received and would encourage others in need of help to talk to these attorney's.

— Mithila Parker