Resolving Conflicts That Arise During A Military Divorce

When service members marry civilians, their spouses also commit to the armed forces. The government recognizes that partnership requires sacrifices and offers generous military benefits as a result. As members of this special community, military spouses are tasked with additional duties that civilians do not bear, including ensuring stability at home when their partners are deployed.

During a military divorce, these benefits and custody considerations can add a layer of complexity to the divorce process. Whether you are a service member or a military spouse, you should not pursue legal action without professional help. Representing yourself in these matters can put your family's welfare at risk.

Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, is California law firm that concentrates solely on family matters. At our San Marcos office, our divorce attorneys assist Camp Pendleton service members and their families. Our lawyers have facilitated many military divorces. We understand the distinct challenges you need to address when you are dissolving your marriage bond. We have the skill set to effectively handle your concerns.

We Protect Your Legal And Financial Interests Throughout The Process

Our lawyers offer a range of comprehensive and affordable services that include:

  • Promoting your financial interests while dividing assets, including military pay, retirement benefits and pension
  • Protecting your parenting rights with favorable custody terms
  • Defending your custody or visitation rights during deployment
  • Negotiating fair child support and alimony terms

At our family law firm, our attorneys have an extensive understanding of state laws that affect military families, including the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act and Section 3047 of the California Family Code, which protects parenting rights of deployed or active-duty service members.

When you hire us, we will review your financial obligations and family circumstances. Before you file or respond to a petition, we will recommend a strategy that addresses your concerns and will explain possible outcomes that may arise from taking this course of action. It is important that you understand the long-term repercussions of the decisions you make.

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