Securing The Alimony Agreement You Deserve

Like custody and child support agreements, alimony agreements must be approved by the court before they become official and enforceable. Unlike custody and child support, alimony agreements are not mandatory.

As a result, if you need spousal support to help you meet your financial obligations and care for your children, it is necessary to secure alimony terms before your settlement is finalized. Our attorneys at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, have a strong background in complex family law matters, including mediating and litigating alimony disputes for our clients in northern San Diego County.

Helping You Maintain Your Standard Of Living After Divorce

Our lawyers are well-versed in California alimony statutes and negotiating protocols. We know how to establish compelling arguments in court, using a range of factors that includes:

  • Your spouse's income, assets and debt
  • The reason for the separation or divorce
  • The length of the marriage
  • Your contributions to the marriage and your spouse's success
  • Your earning capacity given your age and job experience
  • Your health and any medical conditions that may affect your ability to maintain a job

In California, alimony is awarded to parties in order to help them become self-sufficient after divorce. For this reason, these payments may be terminated after a certain time period or provided in a lump sum. It is up to the court's judgment to determine the amount and duration of the payments.

We are licensed to represent you in matters relating to temporary or permanent alimony orders or in post-judgment actions such as modifying or enforcing alimony orders. Having assisted clients throughout all stages of divorce proceedings, we are able to design targeted strategies that address your financial concerns so that you are positioned for future success.

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